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Siobhan Bailey's Testimonial  9/16/2006
by G. Siobhãn K. Bailey

My name is Siobhan Bailey. I am a 41 year old professional living in Colorado. I am writing this testimonial to share my experiences of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it has worked for me and made priceless changes in my life.

I first experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine when I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada in 1995. I happened to be in China Town, and entered this very exotic looking shop. I asked if they had any herbs that might assist in curing my mild adult acne. I was brought back to a small room where I met this incredible gentleman who took my pulse and through an interpreter asked me when my periods had stopped. Something I was completely unconcerned about at the time. He informed me that if we did not regulate and restart my menses that it was unlikely I would ever have children. I agreed to take the herbs he recommended and come back to see him the following week. Sure enough within a few weeks my menses were back to a normal 5 day flow and my skin was radiant.

Fast forward to 2003. My new husband and I were discussing having a child, before I could blink an eye, we were pregnant. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy 6 weeks before my 39th birthday. I need to mention that it was via a complicated c-section in which I lost a lot of blood. When my son was four months old, my menses resumed regularly, at eight months old we started trying for baby number two, at eighteen months I finished nursing, and then everything went haywire. My menses were all over the board, 71 days apart, 54 days apart, and 23 days apart. I wasn’t getting pregnant either, this with charting my LH Phase daily.

I went to see two different fertility Doctors. Both said I had low ovarian reserve. (ie: my egg count was low and what eggs were available were not likely to be fertilized and carry a healthy baby to term) They said my chances were less than one percent of ever getting pregnant naturally and the only way I could have another child was with IVF using a donor egg of a woman under 30 years of age. I was heart broken. I was not going to do IVF. I was grateful beyond belief though to have my son.

Then I thought back to my experience in Canada with the Traditional Chinese Medicine. I did some research and found Lam’s Acupuncture Clinic. I called and made an appointment with Marco Lam. My goal was not to have another child; my goal was to regulate my menses and at the same time lower my internal body yeast and to get my body back into a healthy balance. Upon meeting Marco and sharing my infertility experience with him, he felt my chances at conceiving were anywhere from 10 to 30 percent higher than what the Western Doctor’s had given me. This was with following the Traditional Chinese Medicine Guidelines. My hope came back. Marco had also recommended I meet with a very good nutritionist who works in the clinic, Seth Braun of Real Simple Nutrition. I thought my diet was healthy but after being properly educated by Seth, I realized it was quite lacking in several areas.

So I dove right in. I read the book “The Infertility Cure BY: Randine Lewis, Ph.D.” Which Marco recommended, I changed my diet completely and ate only healthful nutrient rich organic foods, I cut out all caffeine, refined sugar and flour. My goal was, “I wanted a baby more than I wanted that cup of coffee or any other thing I used to eat.” I met with Marco regularly, received acupuncture and supplemented my diet with his recommended herbs. I met with Seth regularly and discussed my diet and that of my family’s and how to improve our menu and eat nutritious healthful foods to nurture our bodies.

Within a few weeks I started to feel much better, my skin improved, my tummy felt better and I had a lot more energy then I had had in a long time, energy without the aid of caffeine.

Needless to say to my complete surprise, on my very next cycle I became pregnant. This took Marco and Seth by surprise as well as it was our hope that I would have another child but our goal was to make me healthy and bring my body back into balance.

I truly know and feel that without my complete dedication to wanting to make myself a healthier person and without the professional skills of both Marco Lam and Seth Braun to help guide me in the right direction, I would still be suffering irregular menses and not be looking forward to a new wonderful blessing coming into my family’s life in the spring of 2007.

To Marco and Seth, I thank you both with all of my heart, you have helped God to bless me and I will remain eternally grateful.


Siobhan Bailey

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